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Knology, Inc. was a cable company formed in 1994 by ITC Holding Company, LLC, a telecommunications holding company in West Point, Georgia that also founded Internet service provider Mindspring. In 1999, Knology merged with Valley Telephone Company. The Knology network serves around a dozen cities in the Southern United States, as well as a few in the Midwestern United States.

Knology has poor salary and management as an employer, there is no career growth, and the working scheduled and location changes without notice, according to a review by a former employee at

"Poor management, poor pay, no room for growth, bad attendance policy and poor location and work hours and scheduled change without notice and delayed breaks and lunch."


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"Under paid, Once they started to move systems to corp,the Hsv location lost lots of employees due to no jobs to move them too. Sad when a long time employee gets sent packing."

Former Employee - Cst says

"Good ole Boy System unless your buddy buddy with the Supes or manager you will be the last to get new equipment"


"Horrible pay. Laughable pay raises. Near impossible QC standards. Very expensive Ins. Very low emp moral. No chance for advancement. Vehicles are run down and falling apart."

Tech Support Representative says

"The pay at Knology is horrible. I could make the same or better flipping burgers. Career advancement is a joke there is nowhere to advance. The more work you do, and the more responsibilities you take on the less likely you are to get a decent raise or shot at a promotion. Front line management/supervisors only do what they absolutely have to in order to not get fired and make it through the day. mid level and upper management are mostly disconnected from what actually goes on and show no wish to change that. I have been with this company going on 4 years and I have gotten a TOTAL of $0.40 in raises since day one, and that is as a "top performer". If a customer asks to speak to a supervisor you will ALWAYS get push-back no matter who it is."

Technical Support Specialist says

"Incompetent management who are unresponsive and often abusive Non existent training, employees are expected to figure out issues and new procedures from one or two page handouts passed around with no feedback or hands on instruction. A Grading and promotion system geared toward rewarding those who do the least work . No reasonable system for granting time off, schedules are deliberately set up to prevent employees from having two consecutive days off and getting a Holiday off is impossible., entire months of the year are blocked out as no vacation times for regular employees. Substandard service provided by the Company results in extensive overwork for barely adequate compensation, many employees have to work 10 to 20 hours overtime to make a decent living with this company in an area where prices are generally low. No understanding by management of the need for personal or sick time, if you have to take a medical leave you will eventually be terminated for one reason or another when you return.Sick days are held against employees even with a valid doctors excuse. I worked for this company for 3+ years and its is the only place I have ever worked that I would never under any circumstances return too."

Technical Support Represntative says

"There are no rotating holidays despite what management promises. There is little promotion from within the company, they prefer to hire for management and leadership outside the company. The pay is comparatively low when scaled against the same positions with other companies. Holidays are almost impossible to schedule off. The grading of performance and determining of raises in not well thought out"

Technical Support Specialist says

"Poor shift choices. Some upper management did not know how to run their positions. Impossible to get anytime off. Non qualified management (didn't meet requirements for even applying for the job). Constantly changing policies. Employer discriminates against employees, and management typically disrespected employees."


"poor managment, poor pay, not room for growth, bad attendance policy and poor location and work hours and scheduled change without notice and delayed breaks and lunchs"

Former Employee - Inside Sales says

"Personal and vacation days accrue and are hard to take off if you have no seniority. Holidays you get a few calls and they ask you to leave and you get no pay. Too many calls that have nothing to do with your department during high call volume. Too many technical problems."

Former Employee - Level I Tech Support says

"Mandatory overtime, inflexible scheduling, hectic work environment."

Customer Service Technician (Former Employee) says

"Go work for Comcast. You'll love your life better. This place is the worst. I didn't even pass the test for working there and they still hired me. Disgusting place to be. Rude HR too.NothingEverything"

Sales Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Knology purchased the company I was working for under dubious promises and then broke all those promises as soon as the ink dried. The best moment was when HR brought the employees group-by-group into the conference room and announced with no forewarning who was staying and who was being fired, then proceeded to hand the firees their termination papers in large manilla envelopes while those who were being kept were given their retainers in HIGHLY CONSPICUOUS BRIGHT BLUE FOLDERS. I'm honestly not sure if this was a clever effort to prevent undermining the new company by making the two groups hate each other, or if somebody up top was actually thick enough to think it was a good idea. The whole corporation was a shambles; tech was out of date, procedures were out of date, chain of command was unclear or nonexistant, and trying to get anything from Corporate was worse than pulling teeth. The company went out in the same fashion: just slightly unsavory but otherwise not worth noting.Local staff, Lawrence customers, company doesn't exist anymore.Everything else."

Outside Sales (Former Employee) says

"trying to sell anything door to door is not a good way to do business."

Technical Support Representative (Former Employee) says

"Knology management treated workers like cogs. They gave no respect for their workers. They did not recognize top call performers. there was no room for any advancement. The management refused to fix issues when they happened. Overall, this is not a good place to work."

Commissions and Reporting Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"This is the place to go of you want to stay in the same position for years. They preach that they hire from within, but that is NEVER the case. They always look to outside for higher level positions.Health benefitsPoor management"

IT Support (Former Employee) says

"I was never allowed to advance out of my position. I would never even get an interview for any open position I applied for. I would be called into the managers office to be told they would give it to someone else, usually someone with no knowledge or experience. This is a company that values the good-ole-boy way of doing business meaning you have to be part of the clique to advance your career at this company.Free CoffeeNo Advancement Opportunities Allowed"

Sales (Former Employee) says

"I was a long time employee there. Over 7 years in sales. Company bought out by WOW cable. My job was done away with. Instead of laying me off, I was demoted and given very little opportunity to make money. New management is ruining what used to be a wonderful company. Great company for insecurity in your jobNo job security"

Technical Support Rep (Former Employee) says

"Terrible management , poor benefits , not alot of advancement"

Technical Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Knology is a company that really believes in itself and the services they provide, however nothing can be farther from the truth. I was a Technical Service representative for them for about a month. That was all the time that I needed to realize how awful the services they provided truly were. I sat down by an employee who worked there for years, who was a supervisor, who told me that Knology is known to be a company with not the greatest services, but known for excellent customer services. I knew right then, I was in a death trap. No wonder 50% of the customers that dailed into the call center were absolutely irate. No, not just the barley annoyed people who had a minor internet problem every once in a while, but the people who are about to have a minor stroke right in their living room, while you're trying to help them plug and unplug their internet modem. And as ridiculous as it is to treat people in the customer service industry badly, I could honestly really relate to these people. They were not wrong to be that upset to call 7 or 8 times within a 2 week period begging Knology to get it together. As someone who truly was on the inside looking out, the customers were right. Everything from their cable, to their internet, and their phone services, YOU WILL HAVE PROBLEMS WITH THIS CABLE COMPANY.they give you pizza and subs on special occasions, like when they're hiring lots of people at one time. a little gimmicky but a nice gesture, nonetheless.everyone is super competitive. if you accidentally call someone in sales, they will let you know that you are wasting their time and ruining their stats. lovely indeed."

CSR (Former Employee) says

"The company some financial issues so had file bankruptcy. They was not very organize.alot"

Business Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"Knology was not a very good work evinironment. Bad management and very poor technical support led to many issues with customers. I am not going to say anymore"

Collector (Former Employee) says

"nobody oversee/reviews mgmt behaviors. everything is about how much you agree with the boss decisions. do not disagree with them. no locatized human resources."

Installer (Former Employee) says

"Poor communication.Management does not keep promises made to techs and will deny ever making such promises.Would be informed of changes in specs and standards after you fail Quality checks.Upper management would address empoyee concerns with "If you don't like it, there's the door." You are not a valued employee, just a body.After hours support for field techs is almost non existant.consistant pay, comp serviceseverything else"

Manager of Human Resources (Former Employee) says

"Company no longer exists. Bought out by WOW! xxxyyyzzz xxxxyyyzzzGained good HR expPoor mgmt"

Technical Support Representative (Former Employee) says

"One of the great things about working with a small business is the ability to communicate effectively, and having the ability to take solutions into your own hands. Within its industry, Knology is a small business. They have, however, rid themselves of all the benefits of being a small business. Communication within the company is nearly nonexistant, and if you can solve a problem for the company, well, you better do that on your own time with little hope of seeing any coffeetone deaf upper management"

Technical Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"This company was purchased by WOW and no longer exists so there isn't really anything I can tell you that would help. there were good and bad times like anywhere"

Client Service Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Discounted cable services a plus - there is not room for advancement"

Technical Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Fun employee outdoor events!The hardest part of the job was performing at such a high level while being compensated at such a low rate.employee potluck(s)low pay"

CSR (Former Employee) says

"Free services are the best thing they have to offer. It's a job to have while your finishing school or looking for more work.Free CableWorkforce Management"

Installer (Current Employee) says

"Great benefits but that's it. Management is horrible and if you want to get an advancement just quit and come back or be a sycophant. Glad thecheap cableeerything else"

Jamie says

"Over a month ago I asked Knology for an upgrade which would provide me with faster speeds. A Technician replaced my modem and left two small boxes and left. My Router isn\'t compatible with this Modem that has Wireless built into it. I called Knology and they told me the new Modem is not compatible with any Router. So no wired connections or Firewall! It\'s been over five weeks now and I still haven\'t received the correct Modem and had to buy two Wireless adapters for my Desktop Computers. Knology Is a joke. I\'m slowly getting rid of my Knology Email account and will be canceling my service in the near future. "